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Jester ref by CremexButter

He is lovely, and I wish I knew you better so my characters could interact with yours. Please do more, your art style is beautiful and ...


Open Pool Art Trades And Comish~
Sinclair by XTheUltamateReaperX
Rocky by XTheUltamateReaperX
Avon by XTheUltamateReaperX
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Open art trades~
Cheap Commissions, only 30 Points  a picture of any kind.
I do Traditional, inked or sketched, and 3DS digital art.
Donations welcomed, hoping to change user name with points obtained.
Cheap adoptables coming soon~

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  "Beep beep! Beep beep! Beep beep!"

  Your alarm clock blared annoyingly in your ear. Groaning, you lazily reach over and hit the snooze button on your clock. The smell of food filling your nose prompts you to get up. Of course, you were still groggy from yet another restless night. Trying to remember what day it was as you made your way downstairs for food, your mom was found at the kitchen table. A slanted cup of coffee that was rainbow colored and read "I'm so gay I can't even drink straight" in white letters placed promptly in her hand. Smiling with a soft inward giggle, you turn your attention to the brightly lit TV screen currently broadcasting the news.

  "Another mangled corps found! Stay inside and lock all doors and windows!" The news reporter said hysterically. For the past few weeks every few night, the so called ax killer had been going into rich people's houses and slaughtering them brutally.

  "If he really has an ax, I don't think a window being locked is gonna do shit." Your mom commented out loud. "Oh! Good morning sweetheart!" She chimed happily noticing you in the entrée way.

  As you sit down at the table to join her, you nod in agreement to her comment. "Morning mom." Your voice cracked slightly from no use during your slumber. She chuckles. "Hey mom?"

  Your mother looks to you from the telly. "Yes Y/N? What is it?"

  "Well... I can't figure out why I set my alarm... Didn't summer break just start?" You asked, still rather tired to properly coordinate your thoughts. Your mother laughs a bit.

  "Yes dear, it's summer break. But you alway set your alarm before bed, habit. I knew you probably would. Oh yeah!" She smiles and gestures to the counter. There was a plate with a sausage cheese biscuit on it. A sunny side up egg in the middle as the cheese melted and oozed out the sides. There was the source of the smell that dragged you out of bed, your mom's cooking. "Made you breakfast!" She smiles, reaching over to get it for you.

  "Oh thanks mom! You really are the best, you know that?" Your praised before taking a bite. The food melted in your mouth, the cheese especially. And soon the yolk made a mess on your face as you ate happily. Pulling a napkin from the holder, you cleaned up your face and gave a small 'birp'.

  You and your mom had a wonderful morning together, but soon, as most good things come to an end, your mother had to leave for work. This meant you could catch a few more Z's before seeing what your friends would want to do today.

  Later in the day, around 11:10, you woke to the vibration and ring tone of your phone. "Ugh..." You groaned sleepily as you reached for your mobile. It was a group message sent from Casper, a friend of yours. "Hey sleepy heads! It's summer, come on! Meet me at the city park by the library, and bring a snack. Meet up at 2 pm, don't be late!" He wrote. Alice had already responded, snatching up the sandwiches for snacking. You decided on bringing chips, replying swiftly. You set an alarm and got back to sleep for a short while.

  "RIIIING~! RIIIING~!... RIIIING~! RIIIING~!" Your phone chimes at 1:00. You probably would have been safe setting it for 1:30 though... Anyway, you dismiss the alarm and got up, finally getting dressed and ready for the day. Grabbing your phone and wallet, you head for the store just down the road from your house.

  On the way, you didn't pay much attention to your surroundings. You were busy figuring out which chips to get and how much. You loved Cool Ranch Dorito chips, as did Casper and Alice. But Jake and Jessie didn't like them and could never come up with anything that both of them liked. Being twins, they couldn't look more the same. But boy, the difference on what they liked, did and acted was like the difference of night and day. Deciding on two bags of Cool Ranch Doritos, one back of Sea Salt and Vinegar chips and one bag of Sour Cream & Onions, you found the bags and payed for them.

  Upon leaving the store, you spotted alice, walking down your side of the road on the sidewalk. Hmm, even crazy people can be sensible sometimes. Alice, much like Casper, was a spontaneous bundle of joy and excitement. While the three boys tended to stick to horror video games, Alice found this thrill in going out and finding horror. She tried to drag you along, but usually only managed to get Casper to go with her. Poor guy... You decide to call for her, might as well have company on the way.

  "Alice! Hey man, wait up!" You piped, cheerfully waving. She lights up, almost dropping the box of a sorted sandwiches from her excitement to see you.

  "Y/N! Oh gosh! I didn't think you'd even be up for the party, and gracious! Look at those bags under your eyes!!" She exclaims worriedly. You of course shrug it off and continue walking, her following close behind. Beginning to rant, she gets all science with health and stuff. "We are going out for tea, and you're spending the night!" She finally says, ending her long rant. You couldn't help but smile. You've grown a liking to her long rants cause she's just so cute with how she words her sentences and how she randomly changes topics like the first one just wasn't exciting enough. She still hasn't gotten over how she had cancer, lived and is a zodiac cancer sign.

  Beginning on yet another rant, you and Alice arrive with time to spare. Casper we already there, setting up the picnic blanket on the grass. "Haha! I thought I heard you coming. Talking up storm again, are we?" He teased and kissed Alice's cheek. Honestly, you couldn't even think of a cuter celebrity couple cuter then the crab and the lion. Two peas in a pod.

  Jake and Jessie soon showed up with soda and their sisters home made cookies. She always made the best sweets. Thankfully she knew how to please both her brothers, not many did. Jake was, well, gifted. He was starting to set up his art stuff to draw the scene now set befor him. All his friends, including you, were having a great time. Eating, talking and messing around together. Jessie was being the trouble making prankster that he was. Jake, much like the rest of his art class, still had homework over the summer. It wasn't much, but he still had to do it. He was always so smart, strong and cute. Soon to start fully funded college classes in less than a month, everyone was super excited and supported him completely. You always had a thing for him...

  Jessie, like mentioned before, was the complete opposite and a total trixter. He had a boyfriend, who was super sweet, and has basically played every single video game imaginble. To think he wouldn't have every piece of armor, gear or achievement in a game was impossible. Complete perfectionist and social nerd.

  The day soon starts to fade, as all the food has been eaten. Games were played, mostly CAH. Alice had a food baby and Jessie was high on sugar. Jake thankfully didn't have a sweet tooth so no one had to worry but them. Casper was gone already, so all that we left was you and Alice.

  "Ugh... Too much... Food..." She groaned and sat up. "Maybe coming over is a bad idea... You. You walk safe. I'm calling my mom..." Grabbing her phone, she gets up and walks away. You were okay with her decision. Enough excitement for one day. Ha! Who were you kidding? Off to tumblr as soon as you got home. And with that, you waved farewell to Alice, glanced to the park remembering the fun, and began home.

  With the sun setting and a thick fog rolling in, you thought someone was breathing down your neck the whole way home... But you were only paranoid. Entering your home, you find your mom asleep on the couch, the TV still playing you and your mom's favorite show. Criminal minds.

  You silently make your way to your room, closing your door and grabbing your old laptop. You honestly needed a new one, but your mom was broke so you didn't complain. It was hard, just the two of you... But you knew it could be worse so you were very happy with what you had. Turning on your computer, it purred and soon woke up. Your tumblr had its assortment of things, ranging from cute baby animals to cool science to just down right funny things. You let YouTube play music in the background as you scrolled. And it wasn't long before your eyelids soon just shut and you passed out, computer in lap...


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